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Arctic Moving Image & Film Festival is a new festival, taking place in Harstad, a small coastal town in Arctic northern Norway, 19 – 22 October 2017. AMIFF combines conventional film and ‘the moving image’; video art, experimental film and time-based installations and sculptures. We celebrate film – through past, present and future – and we explore society, both in the Arctic and the rest of the world, through film and the moving image. The relatively short history of film is now starting to measure up to a considerable size, and our identity is intertwined by film.



Dir. Birgitte Sigmundstad, Norway, 2017
17 minutes

Based on a text by professor of history, Kjetil A. Jakobsen, the film is shot in the government quarters in Oslo, which was partly destroyed by the terrorist attacks of July 22nd, 2011. It tells the story of these buildings – of their origin, of the artistic vision of architect Erling Viksjø who designed them, and of the uncertain future that awaits them.


Dir. Emilija Škarnulytė & Tanya Busse, Norway, 2013
23 minutes

Hollow Earth is a visual meditation and examination of contemporary resource conditions within the circumpolar areas of the North. Combining research material, landscape shots and archival footage, this short film hopes to reflect over the changing image of the north, as a site where violence, desire, greed, and emotions are played out.

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