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Transfer Architecture Video Award


The TRANSFER Architecture Video Award is an independent award organized by TRANSFER Global Architecture Platform since 2019, to recognize the most creative and innovative short films in the field of architecture, city and landscape worldwide.

The presentation of the TRANSFER Architecture Video Award 2019 at the London Architecture Film Festival 2021, include a selection of 13 short films – 1 winner, 5 honorable mentions and 7 finalists – among the 300 videos from 55 countries that participated in the first edition of the Award, together with an interview with the filmmakers about the relationship between film, architecture and building culture, and an essay about the potential of short films to analyse and describe architecture.

The international jury of the 2019 edition was made up of the filmmakers Ila Bêka & Louise Lemoine, Nader Tehrani (Cooper Union, New York), George Arbid (Arab Center of Architecture, Beirut), Ciro Najle (Torcuato di Tella University, Buenos Aires), Erwin Viray (SUTD, Singapore), José Juan Barba (Metalocus, Madrid), Helen van Vemde (Sotto Voce Foundation, Zurich) and Isabel Concheiro (TRANSFER).

Programmed by

Isabel Concheiro, editor-in-chief, TRANSFER

This Capsule programme is made possible with the generous support of the Embassy of Switzerland in London.


The TRANSFER Architecture Video Award is an independent biennial award launched by TRANSFER Global Architecture Platform in 2019 to recognize the most creative and innovative short films in the field of architecture, city and landscape worldwide.

While photography was the main means of illustrating and communicating architecture in the twentieth century, the digital turn of the twenty-first century and the democratization of video production and dissemination has already increased the use of video, and will certainly continue to do so, specifically short videos, directly linked to the digital networks that are the basis of contemporary communication.

In recent years, the short video has become a popular means of communication for architects, alongside photography. It is also growing as an analytical and design tool that is increasingly present among architecture schools and professionals. But beyond its use within the architectural discipline, in today’s context, where video content represents 80% of internet traffic, one of video’s major potentials is its capacity to disseminate issues related to architecture, city and landscape to a wider public, raising questions, unveiling hidden realities and developing a greater awareness of our built environment.

Winner 2019
Embajada de Brasil / Ipiña + Nieto Arquitectos

Author: Luis Úrculo, Chile, 2019



The Brazilian Embassy in Santiago (Chile) located on the main avenue of the city, witness of many riots and strikes, has been hidden with a blanket of omission through the years . The architects Ipiña Nieto project was focused on recovering the undoubted importance of Palacio Errázuriz, not only within the premises of the Embassy, but in the city of Santiago. As an opening act, the film presents the choreography of a thin layer of fabric that covers the quiet building, and starts to move, exposing the new and still spaces of the Embassy, with a simple action. The building embraces the spectator to discover the new life of the space.



While long films and documentaries about architecture are widely shown and their quality is recognized at major architecture film festivals worldwide, it seems to us that there is a lack of visibility and recognition of short video works. The aim of the TRANSFER Architecture Video Award is precisely to highlight the best contributions worldwide that explore innovative ways of analysing and experiencing architecture, city or landscape using the short video format. With an international jury of renowned film and architecture professionals, the Award seeks a diversity of approaches by architects, filmmakers, photographers and artists. The first edition of the Award attracted the participation of over 300 videos from 55 countries. Both the international interest generated by this new Award and the quality of the entries confirm the potential and the growing importance of video as an instrument for the analysis of architecture.

The wide variety of approaches of the entries in the 2019 edition, particularly of the finalists and award-winning videos, shows several aspects that characterize the contemporary use of the short video in architecture. Firstly, short videos are based on a single, concise, powerful idea that creates a narrative, introducing new understandings of architecture. Secondly, beyond the relevance of a given building or topic, the potential of the short video lies in its capacity to strengthen spatial qualities by exploring different film techniques as well as the relationship between moving image, photography and sound. Finally, short videos explore not only the spatial dimension of architecture, but also the link between architecture and its inhabitants, highlighting the relationship between physical and social aspects as part of a broader reflection on our relationship with the built environment. The architecture short video goes beyond the mere description of a building to unveil the stories, memories and questions behind, showing that it is not a “subservient discipline to architecture” but a discipline in itself with a promising future ahead.

The presentation of the TRANSFER Architecture Video Award at the Architecture Film Festival London 2021 includes a selection of the short films chosen in the 2019 edition and an interview with the winner, the artist and filmmaker Luis Úrculo. The jury of the TRANSFER Architecture Video Award 2019 included the filmmakers Ila Bêka & Louise Lemoine, and the architects Nader Tehrani (New York), George Arbid (Beirut), Ciro Najle (Buenos Aires) and Erwin Viray (Singapore).

The second edition of the Award, the TRANSFER Architecture Video Award 2021, is open for entries until 1 July 2021. This year’s jury is made up, among others, of the filmmaker Daniel Kötter (Berlin), Giovanna Borasi (Montreal), Rahul Mehrotra (Mumbai/Boston), Fabrizio Gallanti (Bordeaux) and Alejandra Celedón (Santiago de Chile).


2-Source: Jury report, TRANSFER Architecture Video Award 2019

Honorable Mentions
Il muro cattivo (The Common Wall)

Author: Bram Lattré, Belgium, 2015


251 First Street, NY by ODA

Author: Imagen Subliminal, US, 2017


Made in Ilima

Author: Thatcher Bean, Congo/US, 2017


Plaza Rakyat

Author: Ong Sau Kai, Malaysia, 2018



Author: Javiera Godoy, UK, 2019


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