Architecture Film Festival London 2017

Factum Arte

Programme at the Bargehouse

Factum Arte and Factum Foundation for Digital Technology in Conservation will present a selection of films and animations made over the past 10 years that demonstrate the role digital recording technologies are playing in changing the relationship between image and form. Factum Arte is a multi-disciplinary workshop in Madrid dedicated to digital mediation in contemporary art and the production of facsimiles. The Foundation was established to demonstrate the importance of documenting, monitoring, studying, recreating and disseminating the world’s cultural heritage through the rigorous development of high-resolution recording and re-materialization techniques.

The Foundation’s activities include designing recording technologies, building digital archives for preservation and study, creating and organising touring exhibitions, setting up training centres for locals to learn different recording technologies, and producing exact facsimiles as part of a new approach to conservation and restoration. Photogrammetry and various forms of 3D visualisation are at the heart of this work.

BARGEHOUSE, Room 2, 7-11 June 2017


dir. Gregoire Dupont, France, 2011
11 minutes

Animation created for Factum Arte to be part of the exhibition “The art of Piranesi”.

Above, one of the key elements of the exhibition Le Arti di Piranesi: architetto, incisore, antiquario, vedutista, designer (The Art of Piranesi: architect, engraver, antiquarian, vedutista, designer), a twelve minute animation of Piranesi’s Carceri series made by Gregoire Dupond at Factum Arte specifically for the exhibition. This series of sixteen visionary images, originally etched by Piranesi in his late twenties, shows the workings of his imagination, merging his architectural ambitions with his obsessive interest in antiquity. Watching Gregoire Dupond’s animation is like entering Piranesi’s mind. A CD containing both high resolution reproductions of the prints and the complete video has been released.

More information on “The Arts of Piranesi: architect, engraver, antiquarian, vedutista, designer” can be found HERE

“I am now convinced it [Factum Arte] is the most important thing happening in 21st-century art – because it can quite literally save civilisation.”  

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