Programme at the ICA

For its historic launch, ArchFilmFest London will be showing a curated selection of feature length films at the Institute of Contemporary Arts, (ICA). These films have been chosen for their various relationships to this year’s theme, Scale. Thanks to the generous support of the Embassy of Chile in the UK, ArqFilmFest, the Embassy of Switzerland in the UK, Lobby Magazine, UCL Urban Laboratory and the Royal Norwegian Embassy in London, we will have the pleasure of all three directors of the featured films at their screenings to talk about their work and answer questions from the audience.

The festival theme is a flexible concept relevant to both film and architecture with many ways in which it can be interpreted. Beyond the literal, Scale can provoke questions around hierarchical structures, for instance, the local versus global or the human versus urban. In the selected films, the focus moves from the scale of a body, to a family to that of a building.

Tuesday 6 June

8.20pm – 10.30pm

Festival Opening Film

ICA Cinema 1

Escapes de Gas

Dir. Bruno Salas, Chile, 2014

72 minutes

Spanish with Eng. subtitles

UK Premiere

Chile, 1972. During the Salvador Allende administration, 34 artists were called upon to create works, which would be incorporated into a new piece of architecture: the UNCTAD III building (United Nations Conference for Trade and Development), today known as GAM. However, after the 1973 Pinochet coup d’état, the military occupied the building, renamed it, destroyed its works of art, and transformed it into a symbol of military dictatorship. Forty years later, Joaquín Maruenda, son of the late sculptor Félix Maruenda, finds a record of the UNCTAD II project that leads him to investigate his father’s “Chimeneas” (Chimneys) sculpture and its possible restoration. Joaquín, together with artists and construction workers of the original building, will try to answer the question: Why did they destroy the artwork?

Q&A with guest Director Bruno Salas

Introduction and discussion led by Charlotte Skene Catling, Co-founder & Co-Director ArchFilmFest London

In partnership with ArqFilmFest and the Embassy of Chile in the UK



Thursday 8 June

6.30pm – 8.30pm

ICA Cinema 1

Oslo, August 31st.

Dir. Joachim Trier, Norway, 2011

95 minutes

Norwegian with Eng. subtitles

Based around the duration of one day, Oslo 31.August follows Anders, a recovering drug addict, through the city where he grew up. Intending to get his life back on track, Anders visits old friend and goes to a job interview, recognising how the world has moved on without him. Focusing on his body, his experiences and the issues with his health, the city is explored as small pockets of intimate spaces, forming a sensitive and final goodbye with a place and its people. .

Q&A with guest Director Joachim Trier and film writer Eskil Vogt

Introduction and discussion led by Dr. Claire Thomson, Senior Lecturer in Scandinavian Cinema, UCL.

In partnership with UCL Urban Laboratory and the Royal Norwegian Embassy in London.


Saturday 10 June

8.30pm – 10.30pm

ICA Cinema 1

Concrete Love – The Böhm Family

Dir. Maurizius Staerkle-Drux, Switzerland, 2015

88 minutes

German with Eng. subtitles

UK Premiere

Gottfried Böhm is widely regarded as Germany’s preeminent architect. The son of a master builder of churches, he is the patriarch of a modern architecture dynasty to which his three sons Stephan, Peter und Paul now belong. By realizing outstanding prominent buildings of their own, the Böhm ls have managed to step out of the shadow of their famous father. But the ongoing crisis in the German construction industry, among other things, has stoked the res of competition between the brothers. Gottfried, now 94, still contributes daily to the work on current planning and construction projects. With the death of his wife Elisabeth, also an architect and a key source of inspiration for all four Böhms, the family loses its emotional lodestone. Can the fragile architecture of the family business a viable model for the future? The lm paints an intimate and pointed portrait of the complexity and inseparability of life, love, faith, art and architecture.

Q&A with guest Director Maurizius Staerkle-Drux

Introduction by Regner Ramos, Creative Director and Editor-in-Chief of LOBBY, and discussion led by James Taylor-Foster, Editor at LOBBY

In partnership with LOBBY and the Embassy of Switzerland in the UK


Sunday 11 June

4.30pm – 6.30pm

Festival Closing Film

ICA Cinema 1

“From Above”

74 minutes

Seven short films from the UK, Iran, France & Germany

A curated selection of seven short films from the Architecture Film Festival London 2017 Competition, asking how films about our built environment could open up a discussion of what it means to see, or be seen from, above. The selected films all addresses the theme in different ways, using different techniques, bringing up questions of hierarchical structures, control, history, materiality, freedom, flexibility or technology. The screening will run for 72minutes.

Scriptych (Ollie Palmer, 2016, France, 9′)

Building no.13 (Amir Gholami, 2016, Iran, 10′)

Five Lives of the Bradbury Building (Jasper Stevens, 2016, UK, 3′)

White Mountain (Emma Charles, 2016, UK, 20′)

24h Dahlem (Clara Jo, 2016, Germany, 17′)

Construction Lines (Max Colson, 2017, UK, 8′)

Making Waves,,, Unmastered (Fritz Laszlo Weber, 2016, Greece/Germany, 7′)

Introduction and discussion led by Anna Ulrikke Andersen, Competition Director