Alongside Factum Foundation the Archfilmfest is showcasing the work of Iconem, a French organisation that is also working on the recording and visualisation of architectural sites including the remains of Palmyra.

Iconem’s ambition is to preserve the knowledge of threatened heritage using digital advances. Thanks to our ground surveys and our visual processing algorithms, we are able to produce real digital doubles of archaeological remains or expanses. We hence offer the scientific community and the public an innovative means of exploring famous places of world heritage.

For sites under threat of disappearance, our technology guarantees that, whatever happens, the archaeological knowledge will be preserved.  By scanning today the sites which are under threat of disappearance tomorrow, we are working to preserve a common asset and we are ensuring its transmission to future generations.

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Temple of Bel

In partnership with the DGAM (the Directorate-General of Antiquities and Museums of Syria), the ICONEM’s team has been the first one to be in Palmyra since Daesh’s departure, on March 27 2016. New phase of the major project « Syrian Heritage », this mission has been an opportunity to give a clear picture of the damages suffered by the « pearl of the desert », and more specifically by the Temple of Bel. Thus, Yves Ubelmann, ICONEM’s founder and DGAM specialists have been working hard under the blazing sun of Palmyra, to make the surveys necessary to the documentation of the site.

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