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ArqFilmFest is a bianual event which has gathered, since it’s first edition in 2012, all those who are interested in exploring, through the cinema, the city and urban life. With three editions to date, (2012, 2013 and 2015) the Festival has become a place for convergence, diffusion and research of all aspects that come from the crossing of the disciplines of architecture and cinema, taking the city as an object of study, urban stage and architectural space.

BARGEHOUSE, Room 11, Thursday 8 June 2017


Crosswords: Matta-Clark Friends
Dir. Matias Cardone, Chile, 2014
70 minutes
Spanish with eng. subtitles.


Gordon Matta-Clark (1934-1978) is one of the most admired American independent artists. Originally trained as an architect, Matta-Clark developed an extensive creative career, eventually founding the influential “Anarchitecture” movement in 1974. In Palabras Cruzadas: Los Amigo de Matta-Clark, the voices of the artist’s friends and partners tell us of his adventures and stories in the suburbs of New York. The documentary uses archival video and photos, many of which were developed by Matta-Clark.

In partnership with ArqFilmFest and the Embassy of Chile in the UK

BARGEHOUSE, Room 11, Wednesday 7 June 2017


The Momument Hunter
Dir. Jerónimo Rodriguez, Chile, 2015
14 minutes
Spanish with Eng subtitiles.

There are many images in The Monument Hunter –thousands and thousands from everywhere in the world– but only one can sum it up perfectly: the image of a sculpture in front of the Neurosurgery Institute in Santiago de Chile featuring a human brain floating in the air, proudly guarded by two delicate hands.
In a similar way, Jerónimo Rodríguez’s debut film sets itself to create a representation of the human computer, yet focusing on the software rather than the hardware.
Through a narrative structure that resembles the working of old magical brains, his essay documentary exposes the whole intellectual process that comes into play the moment the protagonist remembers a statue he once visited with his father and then decides to search for it decades later. Like any good detective story, The Monument Hunter makes use of the story of a search to compose a parallel and ineffable story about personal memory and the passage of time

In partnership with ArqFilmFest and the Embassy of Chile in the UK

BARGEHOUSE, Room 7, Thursday 8 June 2017


Dir. Dominik Hartl, Chile – Austria, 2012
26 minutes
German with Eng. subtitles

Best Short Film – ArqFilmFest 2012

Anna should have had a closer look at the fine-print of her rental contract – for the old Viennese apartment she occupies is a creature with never ending appetite, living off the youth of its residents.

In partnership with ArqFilmFest and the Embassy of Chile in the UK

BARGEHOUSE, Room 7, Sunday 11 June 2017

74 m2

Dir. Tiziana Panizza – Paola Castillo, Chile, 2012
64 minutes
Spanish with Eng. subtitles.

Best Feature Documentary Film – ArqFilmFest 2015

Iselsa and Cathy are chosen along with 150 other families to take part in a social experiment. In it, they will be inserted into a middle-class neighbourhood in Valparaiso, Chile. As community leaders and friends, they have worked together on the project, attempting to come to terms with a neighbourhood that rejected them as potential delinquents. The film follows their struggle to obtain their homes, integrate into the neighbourhood, and overcome the prejudices of their neighbours. They face high stakes: if they fail, the neighbourhood they have fought to establish for over six years will be put at risk.

In partnership with ArqFilmFest and the Embassy of Chile in the UK


Dir. Cristóbal Palma, Chile, 2012
15 minutes
Spanish with Eng subtitles


Dir. John Szot, USA, 2014
3 minutes

Photographer turned filmmaker Cristobal Palma focuses on a mysteriously abandoned town in the north of Chile. The town appears as though all of its inhabitants left suddenly while conducting their daily affairs The images are stunning and lead to deep contemplation. It is breathtaking as a short project; enough so that I wish it was feature length.There’s a bigger project to be had, and with more work, it can be turned into one of the best contemplative films ever made.

Architecture and the Unspeakable is a history of three buildings, each with a pathological problem connecting it to a larger cultural dialogue.

Best Experimental Short Film – ArqFilmFest 2015


Dir. Jordi Bernardó, Spain, 2013
14 minutes
Spanish with Eng subtitles


Dir. Felipe Egaña, Chile, 2011
11 minutes
Spanish with Eng subtitles.

The architect of Casa de la Cultura in Lloret de Mar commissions a work from the world famous painter Ms. Hock. Hello Ms. Hock reproduces 8 minutes of the interview to Ms. Hock, giving new insight into the artist’s process and work.

Best Experimental Short Film – ArqFilmFest 2015

A large concrete building overshadows a quiet residential neighbourhood in Santiago, Chile. It was intended to be the largest public hospital in South America, but the 1973 military coup postponed these plans. Now, its main use is as an object of conversation for its neighbors, who refer to it at the White Elephant.

Best Short Documentary – ArqFilmFest 2012

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