Architecture Film Festival London 2019

Shortlisted Selection 1

Film programme at CLOSE-UP FILM CENTRE

The 2019 edition of our International Film Competition drew submissions from both established and emerging filmmakers working in the area of Architecture+Film, and the shortlist was selected from over 130 entries from more than 39 countries. The selection process shortlisted 12 films in 4 categories: Documentary, Fiction, Experimental and Boundaries open to films that relate to the 2019 London Festival of Architecture theme “Boundaries”.

6 films are included in the shortlisted films Selection #1 are representative of the 4 categories in competition, and they also take on topics like the future, humanity, identity and living buildings.

Screening venue: Close-Up Film Centre, 97 Sclater Street, London E1 6HR

CLOSE-UP FILM CENTRE, Wednesday 26th June 2019

International Film Competition


Running Category: Boundaries

Within These Walls

Rob Munday, UK, 2019, 5′

Within These Walls presents a journey through the inside spaces of HMP Holloway. Once the largest prison in Europe, HMP Holloway was closed in 2016 and now lies empty. This film combines photos of the derelict interiors with oral histories from women who lived and were held on this site. The soundscape is courtesy of acclaimed composer Stephen Montague.

Running Category: Documentary feature


Andrea Crudeli, Italy, 2018, 46′

The contemporary Italian architecture scene is becoming increasingly dramatic, as evidenced by the decline of suburbs, abandoned buildings, and property speculation, among other effects. In this context the architects are no longer cultural leaders, landmarks and a lot of young professionals have to emigrate abroad. Tuscanyness is a movie that tells the story of this spirit of rebirth, and how it is still alive in the works and words of architects born and educated in current day Tuscany.

Running Category: Fiction Short

Post-Historical Dreaming

Rumena Trendafilova, Austria, 2018, 18′

Post-Historical Dreaming dives into the universe of five decaying Bulgarian communist monuments. In doing so, it exposes their relationship to humans’ sensitive and untrustworthy historical memories: the film understands the monuments as artefactual icons of the communist past and remaining voices of a former utopia.

Running Category: Boundaries


Angela Elvira Bruce, UK, 2019, 30′

LIDO is a sensory moving portrait of the Parliament Hill Lido on Hampstead Heath in London. It celebrates the art deco architecture of a much-loved public space. The film spans four seasons, showcasing the space and swimmers throughout the year. The work creates space to reflect on the relationship between water, nature and the human-constructed brick and metal materiality of the Lido as well as the bodies that pass through its space.

Running Category: Experimental

Paris You Got Me

Julie Boehm, Germany, 2018, 9′

“Art may change the inner as well as the external world”. That’s how our protagonist Ksenia experiences it. The street artist George lures her into his magic world of art illusions, resulting in an artistic dance about the realisation of your dreams.

Running Category: Documentary Feature


Ila Beka & Louise Lemoine, France, 2018, 63′

This film highlights one week in the extraordinary-ordinary life of Mr. Moriyama, an artistically, architecturally and musically enlightened amateur who lives in one of the most famous works of contemporary Japanese architecture, the Moriyama house, built in Tokyo in 2005 by Pritzker Prize winner Ryue Nishizawa (SANAA). By observing the intimacy of this experimental microcosm, which redefines the concept of domestic life, Ila Bêka recounts in a very spontaneous and personal way the unique personality of the owner: an urban hermit living in a small archipelago of peace and contemplation in the heart of Tokyo.

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