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The Bartlett School of Architecture

Programme at the Bargehouse


The Bartlett School of Architecture UCL is internationally renowned for award-winning innovative research and teaching that is academically rigorous, critically informed, design-led and interdisciplinary. Using film as a way to explore, discuss and design our built environment has long been the focus of staff and students. An exhibition with work from Interactive Architecture Lab, Urban Laboratory UCL, Unit 24 and Bartlett Film+Place+Architecture Doctoral Network represents the Bartlett School of Architecture, academic partner of ArchFilmFest 2017.

BARGEHOUSE, Room 5, 7-11 June 2017

Cinematic Essays

Cinematic Essays brings together nine short films by students in Unit 24 at Bartlett School of Architecture, UCL, to propose ideas that rethink architecture’s relationship to time, connect to its history and grasp glimpses of its future. Combining digital filmmaking with architectural proposition, these cinematic musings bridge theory with practice and design with commentary. By introducing empathy and the dimension of time the films are able to unlock the storytelling, political and philosophical subconscious of the city. They promote an affective relationship with architecture, where space becomes ‘alive’ and the architect/filmmaker more closely identifies with the building.

Tutors: Penelope Haralambidou, Michael Tite and Simon Kennedy (until 2016).

Selected student films will include:

Kairo Baden-Powell, Fictional Constructs, 2014
Angeliki Vasileiou, Weaving the Ineffable, 2015
Nico Czyz, The Long Now Foundation, 2016
Stefanos Levidis, The Embassy of the Displaced, 2016

BARGEHOUSE, Room 6, 7-11 June 2017

Film as Resonance

A 6m long white staircase is placed within a room, with what appears to be lamps hanging from the ceiling. Instead of white light, the beams project moving images onto the different levels of the steps. The works of seven filmmakers are being projected at different scales, on different heights, forming the architectural installation Film as Resonance. Rather than moving across the stairs, the audience is prompted to walk around, and explore the bodies moving in the films.
This group installation contains works from the Bartlett Film+Place+Architecture Doctoral Network founded in 2014 by PhD students using filmmaking as a research tool, creating a platform where researchers and practitioners could share experience and practices.

Caption image: Quynh Vantu, Video still from “Within the Horizon”, 2015-2017, Hedmark Museum, Hamar, Norway.

Bihter Almaç
Anna Ulrikke Andersen
Sander Hölsgens
Rebecca Loewen
Thi Phuong-Trâm Nguyen
Quynh Vantu
Henrietta William

BARGEHOUSE, Room 6, 7-11 June 2017

The Palimpset. A collective memory.

In 1998, researchers discovered that mathematical proofs by Archimedes had been overwritten with biblical texts by monks in the 13th century. Documents such as this, with previous erasures still visible beneath the primary text, are known as palimpsests. Architecture can also be a palimpsest: as cities and buildings are modified and re-purposed, traces of their previous lives remain visible. Takashi Torisu, Haavard Tveito and John Russell Beaumont imagine what an urban palimpsest can be in the digital age. Using 3D scanning and virtual reality, their project records personal stories and local histories, layering them over the city at a 1:1 scale. Building this collective memory is especially important in areas undergoing dramatic urban redevelopment.

Explore the first iteration of the Palimpsest by wandering around St James Garden and listening to the voices of people that will be impacted by the HS2 rail project that is slated to run through the neighborhood.

Running time: 7 minutes.

The Palimpsest was created by John Russell Beaumont, Haavard Tveito and Takashi Torisu, supervised by Ruairi Glynn at The Interactive Architecture lab, The Bartlett, University college London.

BARGEHOUSE, Room 11, 10 June 2017

Vertical Horizons, In the Shadow of the Shard

‘In a city I have lived in for 30 years a transformation is occurring. It is at once obvious, in its massive demolition and construction, yet beyond my experience and understanding. It is all too easy to simply identify this change with a new sublime of global capital. Vertical Horizons tries to expand how the Shard, as an event, is grounded in the complexity of the city, our experience and lives within it’.
Vertical Horizons, In the Shadow of The Shard, is a meditative film about Western Europe’s tallest building.
Artist filmmaker Tom Wolseley juxtaposes views of the Shard from different vantage points around South London with contrasting narratives about the building and his own response to living in its shadow.
Does ‘showing that London is open for business’ produce these iconic buildings that are less products of capital than conservative political ideologies? In turn are these architectural projections of an imagined future predicated on nostalgic national and personal modes of identification?
The film asks questions about the relationship between the individual and the larger global dynamics that are manifesting themselves in the changing landscapes of major cities such as London.

Research material from Tom Wolseley exhaustive archive of material relating to his film, Vertical Horizons, Living in the shadow of the Shard, including a series of Large format photographs of the Shard from a variety of viewpoints within the city, and the original storyboard for mapping the film narrative.

Q&A with Director Tom Wolseley.

Running Time: 1hr 15mins

Category: Artist’s Film, Documentary, Experimental Documentary, Essay film.

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