The Architecture Film Festival London is pleased to announce that its inter-festival programme will be part of the World Architecture Festival 2018 in Amsterdam next Friday 30th November. This screening programme will feature all awarded films of our International Film Competition 2017.

Join Us!

Fringe Event
Friday 30th November
10.00 – 13.00
Crit Room 14
Amsterdam RAI


Shooting Ourselves

A film by Christine Cynn
87 minutes

Synopsis: How does the arms trade impact real people? Christine Cynn’s Shooting Ourselves examines the weapons industry through the personal stories of victims, soldiers, manufacturers and activists from around the world, as they participate in an immersive production by the award-winning theatre company Rimini Protokoll, set in an architecture reconstructed from their everyday lives in the arms trade.

Five lives of the Bradbury Building

A film by Jasper Stevens, UK
3 minutes



Synopsis: Reconstructing the iconic Bradbury Building through five of it’s myriad narrative existences (Blade Runner, The Artist, D.O.A., 500 Days of Summer, The Indestructible Man), Five Lives of the Bradbury Building inhabits the viewpoint of “The Private Eye”, able to travel outside of traditional spatial constraints to view the multiple co-existent and contradictory narrative spaces simultaneously.

Construction Lines

A film by Max Colson, UK
8 minutes

Synopsis: Construction Lines is a short-animated film exploring the spaces and lifestyles contained within an ‘iceberg’ home (where sub-ground levels are larger than the house above).

24h Dahlem

A film by Clara Jo, DE
17 minutes

Synopsis: 24h Dahlem examines the motivations behind, and consequences of, the planned relocation (2019) of the ethnographic collections from the Dahlem State Museums—the Ethnological Museum and Museum for Asian Art—on the periphery of Berlin to the future site of the Humboldt Forum in Berlin Mitte. The film moves through the different layers of the museum, revealing that which is otherwise unseen.